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“If You Ain’t First, You’re Last”

I think the Ricky Bobby quote is a good way to summarize the expectations in Pitt. It’s official, The Penguins are all in. The Pens are riding a 14 game win streak. ...


Checkered Flag Already, Only 20 Games left

30 games have gone by so fast. To me it feels like last week when I woke up to the magic headline: Lockout Over. It’s time to overview the NHL before we go ...

NHL Realignment going to Make Next Year Fun

Today Gary Bettman has reminded me why I liked him at one point. Unlike the other three commissioners in sports, Bettman does stuff! Grant it, the other three manage to not lockout every ...

Five Reasons Why Caps Must Trade Ovechkin Before It’s Too Late

The Washington Capitals should trade Alexander Ovechkin for five reasons. 1. Numbers getting worse 2. Numbers will not improve 3. Capitals will not be in contention for the next five years 4. Contract ...


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