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Western Playoff Preview

Blackhawks (1) Vs. Wild (8) The Blackhawks sure did a lot of winning this year. They will be taking home the Presidents Trophy, as they prepare for a promising playoff run. They ...


Danger In Rio

Rio de Janeiro is beautiful on the outside. It has beautiful beaches, and skyscrapers. The cities exotic look makes it great for shooting movies. There is no shortage of soccer fanatics either. It has the money and passion that ...

NBA Award Predictions from Modest Pride Staff

The NBA season is almost over. It’s time to get ready for the playoffs and root for your team. It’s also time to reveal who will win the NBA’s 6 top awards. ...

NHL Is First To Address Homophobia

The NHL and the NHLPA have agreed to partner with an organization called You Can Play. The goal is to eliminate any homophobia in the sport of hockey. The NHL’s longtime slogan ...

Electrifying New York

At the end of the 2012 season, Knicks fans would’ve gladly accepted a trade back with The Denver Nuggets. Because Melo is a ball hog; a coach killer. He doesn’t play defense, and he finished the season with ...

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