By Daniel Hamerschlag

After a win on Sunday to extend their win streak to 12 games, the New York Knicks are emerging as a serious threat to the reigning NBA Champions. The Miami Heat had a recent 27 game streak of there own, nearing the legendary 33 game streak held by Jerry West and the Lakers. Miami has lost a total of 16 games this year; the Knicks responsible for 3 of them. If you ask any NBA analyst, they will tell you that the Knicks can’t beat Miami in a 7 game series. But why not? In their 3 wins against LeBron and the Heat, 2 of them have been by 20 points (one without Carmelo). In Miami’s sole victory against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, LeBron led the Heat to an outstanding comeback as New York had a major edge throughout the course of the game.

Dating back to March 17th, the Knicks had lost their 4th straight game to the Clippers during a disappointing West road trip. Carmelo Anthony was ailing from a knee injury at the time, but that was no excuse for the Knick’s poor play. Competing for a title sounded out of the question a few weeks ago, but after fighting out a victory in Utah to snap their 4 game skid, New York started their streak. Winning 12 in a row after their worst losing streak in the 2012-2013 season was shocking to say the least. However, with 6 games to go in their season, the Knicks hold the number 2 seed in the Eastern Conference. With the playoffs around the corner, there couldn’t have been a better time for a team to go on a 12 game rampage.

Knicks star player Carmelo Anthony has been putting on a show in this 2012-2013 season with New York. Although he has put together a strong case to gain possession of basketball’s Most Valuable Player award, LeBron James is the clear favorite. In Sunday’s game against OKC, Melo passed Kevin Durant to gain possession of first place in the scoring title race. Although Carmelo is leading this Knicks team in their 12 game run, 6th man of the year candidate J.R. Smith is playing lights out as well. J.R. leads all 6 men in scoring, despite his questionable shot choice. He has proved himself to be an exceptional 3 point shooter.

If the season were to end today, the Knicks would be getting ready for Game 1 at Madison Square Garden against their long time division rival, the Boston Celtics. Two of the Knicks last 12 wins have come against Boston. However, if New York comes into this potential series overconfident, it could get ugly. They may not have the league leading assister in Rajon Rondo, but they still have Paul Pierce, who has killed the Knicks with his late game heroics. Any Knick fan who knows anything about their rivalry with Boston isn’t a huge Paul Pierce fan. The only team that might stand in the Knicks way of entering an Eastern Conference Finals matchup against Miami are the Indiana Pacers. Maintaining the number 2 seed is very important for the Knicks, as playing in Indiana hasn’t exactly been the Knicks cup of tea. Home court advantage for a potential series against Indiana is a huge goal for the Knicks. Who knows, maybe by the end of the season Carmelo Anthony will be fighting for the Bill Russel Trophy in the NBA Finals. Or maybe, we will see a Miami Heat two-peat. Both are possibilities, but the question remains… Who is ready to step it up? LeBron James and the favored Miami Heat? Or Carmelo Anthony and the questionable New York Knicks? Only time will tell.

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