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The group of  young point guards, in an era where they rule dominant grows every year. So to acknowledge the amazing young fellas out there these days, I’ve compiled a list of my top ten young point guards in the NBA.

The 6’3 guard from Australia Kyrie Irving is my first pick. Kyrie’s Player Efficiency Rating is 19th in the NBA, keep in mind this is his second year in the NBA, and he played 8 games of college basketball. In PER only two point guards come in front of Kyrie Irving and they are Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers and Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs, this in theory makes Kyrie Irving the 3rd most effective point guard in the NBA. Not only that, Kyrie Irving has the deadliest crossover in the NBA, mixed with a great jumpshot, and quick feet making him an offensive powerhouse.


The 6’3 Long Beach rep Russell Westbrook is my second pick. Lets just talk between the lines, He’s almost too good for his age. Russ Westbrook has the athleticism to take him anywhere at any time faster than almost anyone else, which makes defending him a difficult exercise. While he’s still fantastic offensively, his great athleticism doesn’t translate to the defensive end as much as his reputation would have you believe. A minor weakness cited in Westbrook’s ability is his three-point percentage; he has averaged .289 on three-point field goal percentage for his first four seasons. So Westbrook is a pretty polarizing player, and many are excited to see what he can bring in the future.


Although many would disagree, my third is Stephen Curry, Stephen Curry scored an NBA-high 54 points against the Knicks on Feb. 27, and anyone watching that game would say that what he did was pretty unbelievable, he was , hitting 11-of-13 three-pointers. The Knicks defense couldn’t do much but watch as he just threw up three pointers. Curry is more than a 3 point shooter, he can lead a team, get to the rim and rebound quite adequately, if he stays healthy and continues to improve on defense, he can help the Golden State Warriors make a better playoff run.


John Wall has great athleticism, he might be the fastest player currently in the game, but Wall is a poor shooter, and some think he might not even be the franchise player that the Wizards were hoping for even though  Wall’s made the Wizards more efficient on both sides of the floor they’re scoring more fast break points, and the whole team’s field goal percentage  has improved. For a Wizards team that spent two months finding new, impossible ways to lose, Wall helps them find a way to win. That’s what a great player does. Also I think Wall was robbed of Rookie Of The Year by the NBA, just because Blake Griffin missed some games in his first season didnt mean he wasnt a rookie, I digress.


No not Ricky Rubio, Damian Lillard the most polished rookie of this years draft class. Lillard is in the 80th percentile for pick and roll ball handling, because of his great jumpshot Lillard can quickly run past screens and get easy points for his team. Lillard’s true shooting percentage as a rookie .562 Steve Nash’s true shooting percentage for his whole career is .602 which clearly shows that with development he could become one of those really high percentage shooters.

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  1. Mohl Gross

    oooooooo Rubio just got snubbed!!

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