By Jake Greenberg

Reds Centerfield Prospect Billy Hamilton is going to go down as one of the greatest kings of theft ever, and could challenge the Man of Steal himself.

Billy Hamilton, a top prospect on the Cincinnati Reds is officially blocked from a major role on the major league club, but he already has some base running records locked up, such as the rookie stolen base record. Hamilton, formerly a shortstop but moved to centerfield due to the emergence of Zack Cozart at the big-league level has no MLB experience. His call up will surely be just as hyped as the call ups of Bryce Harper, and Mike Trout were, but not for the same reasons.

Billy Hamilton is by far the fastest player the game has ever seen, as shown on the base paths when he broke the record for fastest time around the bases with 13.8 seconds on an inside the park HR. Hamilton Is it out of this world to think that the record that Ricky Henderson set for most stolen bases in a career, over the course of 25 seasons could be broken by Billy Hamilton in less than 14 years?

Billy Hamilton has the potential to be one of the best players in the history of baseball, with the stealth combination of speed and power, Hamilton should be in the MLB right now. Many people have their opinions on what wins games, but ultimately you can’t win if you can’t field, which is the only possible explanation for keeping Hamilton in Triple-A. Brandon Phillips and Zack Cozart are the current tandem working up the middle for the Reds, where Hamilton played until being asked by GM Walt Jocketty to switch to Center Field. Hamilton isn’t going to be a speedster of the bench, upon his arrival, as he was able to hit an outstanding .311 with 155 stolen bases in 2012.

Hamilton is one of, if not the fastest player since Ricky Henderson, and had a chance to make the big-league club to begin the 2013 season. In spring training, he was unable to exhibit his talent on the base paths, due to his lackluster batting average in Spring Training. Hamilton successfully stole 63% of the time he reached base, an outstanding number. That is basically saying if Hamilton managed to secure 700 plate appearances in a season, he would have been on pace to steal nearly 200 bases, if you incorporate his Caught Stealing %, Batting Average, and Walks/Plate Appearances. That is over 50 steals more than Ricky Henderson’s single season record for steals, who also happens to hold the all-time record. The ironic part… Billy Hamilton was also a player in the late 1800’s, who stole 111 bases in two different seasons. Hamilton, only 22 years of age has a shot at greatness.

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