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Wednesday is the tip off of the spring signing period (through May 15) for NCAA basketball recruiting, and there’s very little intrigue left among the elite prospects in the Class of 2013. In fact, only one ESPN 100 prospect remains undecided.

The two arguably most talented players in the 2013 class are Jabari Parker of Simeon Career Academy in Chicago, Illinois and Andrew Wiggins from Huntington Prep in Huntington, West Virginia. (Both play the SF position)313846_110598209121042_2029801364_n

Parker (shown above) has committed to Duke University, his rival remains undecided but we will speak on that later. Parker was a 4 year varsity player for the Simeon Wolverines, during his tenure at the school, Parker has four Illinois state championships and numerous awards such as 2012 National Gatorade Player Of The Year and 2013 McDonalds Player Of The Year. Jabari was receiving Division I scholarships as a 6′ fifth grader. Now standing at 6’8 and 215 lbs every high school player in the nation finds him extremly difficult to contain. Parker is now rated as a 98/100 by ESPN, both and rate him as a five star player. Basically Jabari’s style of play could be compared to a Carmelo Anthony, except he seems more capable to pass. In the city of Chicago Jabari is look at as a lot more than a basketball player though, as one of the few top basketball players of Mormon faith, he wakes up at 5:30 every morning to attend church school, he aims to bring a positive light to the city of Chicago which is known for its brutal streets. Parker hopes his story will inspire people in Chicago and allow Chicago to break its image for a more benevolent one. There is a lot going for Jabari Parker, he may or may not choose to go on his Mormon mission when he is 19, he may or may not choose to stay in college for one year, but one thing is certain for young Jabari the future is very, very bright. (Parker’s Highlights)

Now onto Andrew Wiggins, Wiggins is seen by most as the best player of this years draft, he is different from Parker in many ways, he hasn’t really been popular since last year, but he made a lot of noise during the last summer, ever since he reclassified to the class of 2013, his popularity has soared. During his high school career, Wiggins has averaged 23.4 points per game, 2.5 assists per game, 11.1 rebounds per game, 2.4 steals per game, 2.6 blocks per game, and 750 points. Andrew is very skilled and a very athletic young wing. He’s a long, skilled perimeter player who can play the 2, 3 or 4. It’s his physical talent that makes him stand out right now. He has a complete package from being an elite athlete to possessing high perimeter skill which makes him unguardable at the high school level. The main skills that put him above the rest are his jumping ability, speed and quickness on both sides of the floor, right now Wiggins records a 7-foot plus wingspan and a 44-inch vertical. His vertical is only matched by Shannon Brown and James White, which is really impressive for someone who just turned 18, meaning he can still build up his vertical.While not yet a dynamic ball-handler in the half-court, Wiggins is a very effective shot-creator thanks to his terrific quickness and scoring instincts. He uses crafty jukes and hesitation moves to get his man off balance and then blow by him, where he can finish above the rim in highlight reel fashion. He’s primarily a right-handed driver at this stage, still needing to improve his overall ball-handling skills and ability to play at different speeds, which is normal considering his age. With his size, strength and budding talent, he looks to have outstanding potential in this area, particularly operating in transition. We will see.cd316007-d81e-e211-b4bb-002655e6c126_original (Wiggins’ Highlights)
Honestly I believe that Jabari is better for two reasons, he has many more moves in the post and to get into the paint, also he has about 20 lbs more than Andrew so he is built for tough post play whilst Andrew just jumps to the rim for dunks on almost every play, so Wiggins may be more dazzling but strictly talking about performance, I pick Jabari.


These two men will soon be NBA players, then we will see if they can perform on the level which they think they deserve to be on.


Julius Randle

Aaron Gordon

Andrew and Aaron Harrison (The Harrison Twins)

Noah Vonleh


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  1. Mohl Gross

    A 7 footer who can move like a small forward. He can shoot, and dribble on top of that. Plus he can slam. I’m taking Wiggins.

    • adamcisse

      Wiggins is a lot less versatile, he has an unstable shot, less post moves and he weighs less.

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