By Brett Mozarsky

We’ve all heard of dunking monsters such as Blake Griffin, Michael Jordan, and Lebron James. Their dunks our embedded in our minds because of their astonishing air and skill. But Doug Anderson of the University of Detroit? You better believe it or if not, his unbelievable dunks will.

In the recent NCAA 2013 Slam Dunk Contest, Anderson entered the contest as a favorite, with his powerful abilities to finish dunks. Throughout the year, he had proven himself as dunking animal, including two two-handed slams against Cleveland State to be remembered. Doug was also a well-known presence in dunk contests, entering four events in his life and winning them all.

To begin the night, Anderson pulled out a reverse dunk. When you watch the replay, you might notice that the ball reaches his feet before he pulls it up to make the dunk. This shows us that Doug Anderson produces so much air time, that he can bring the ball up and down his 6-6 height prior to the dunk. This dunk had so much power in it, that the judges just had to give him a perfect score.

His second dunk took the heat up a notch, as he snatched the ball out of the hands of a “cast member” in thin air and windmilled. The flamboyant finish was once again enough to grab a perfect 40 points. Anderson’s third dunk met expectations with some flare. An off-the-bounce, through the legs dunk with a violent one-handed finish had the crowd on its feet. The dunk was so strong, that the rim almost popped right out of the glass. Results: Perfect score.

Doug Anderson put the “icing on the cake” with his final dunk, leaving the stadium in awe. In mid-air, Anderson produced a left hand to right hand, in between the legs, 360 dunk. The aerobatic slam dunk punished the remaining finalists and brought an uproar from the fans. With a total of four perfect scores, Doug Anderson was crowned ┬áNCAA State Farm Slam Dunk Contest Champion and the best dunker in America.

The most impressive part of Anderson’s dunks is the violent, powerful finishes he performs. Each dunk pounds the rim with such effort, even though it seems that Doug isn’t even breaking a sweat. As said by CBS Sports analyst, “[Anderson was the] best college dunker since Jason Richardson.”

The 6’6″, 212 lbs senior forward at Detroit isn’t much of a potential NBA star, and probably isn’t even NBA material. Doug Anderson just doesn’t have the skill sets that Griffin or Jordan had in their young age. This year, Anderson 12.1 PPG and 4.6 RPG in an average of 26.7 minutes per game, making him only his team’s fourth leading scorer and third leading rebounder. But, we do know one thing for sure: This kid is the best dunker in America.

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