By Eli Doroshow

The Utah Jazz need to muscle up, and do something big. Since the departures of Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams, the Utah Jazz have been a boring, mediocre team. They have a solid foundation in their farm system, but the Utah front office is completely squandering the full potential of this young franchise. Their mediocre coach benches these young talents behind mediocre to bad veterans, who aren’t even on the team anymore. Raja Bell (no longer with team), C.J. Miles (NLWT), and Josh Howard (NLWT). As for the decent veterans, such as Al Jefferson, Mo Williams, and Paul Millsap, they need (or needed) to be traded, because they still have high values. The Utah Jazz need to make some major moves now, and their first priority should be Wooden Award winner, Trey Burke.

There are many moves that the Jazz need to make but the first comes soon, the NBA draft. The Jazz need to trade up, for a top 5 pick and select Trey Burke. Burke is a phenomenal¬†floor general, and would complement Utah’s “Core 4” very well. Which consists of rising players, Gordon Hayward (SF), Alec Burks (SG), Derrick Favors (PF), and Enes Kanter (C). Last season, for the Michigan Wolverines, Burke averaged 19 points, 7 assists, and 2 steals per game, while shooting 80 percent from the free throw line. Also the Jazz have a history for stellar point guards, John Stockton and Deron Williams, and I think Burke would fit very will in that timeline.

Although Utah needs Burke, there are other moves to be made. First off, you have to fire head coach Tyrone Corbin. For some reason, Coach Corbust doesn’t want to start his core 4, and develop these young talented players into NBA stars. There are many good coaches out there such as Byron Scott,¬†Lionel Hollins, and Vinny Del Negro, but I think they should choose the 2013 coach of the year, George Karl. Karl was just unfairly fired from the Denver Nuggets, and I think that he would fit great in Utah. He has coached in a small market environment before, and he also wouldn’t have to move very far away from home.


Here is what the Utah Jazz front office should do:

1. Sign and trade either Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap along with a first round draft pick to either the Suns or the Bobcats

2. With the 4th or 5th overall pick in the draft, select PG Trey Burke, from Michigan

3. With the 14th or 21st pick (depending on which was delt) select Kelly Olynyk, from Gonzaga (Oh yes I did)

4. Fire Coach Tyrone Corbin

5. Hire Coach George Karl


But alas, the Utah front office consists of a bunch of wimps, who are afraid to make a move that will establish them as a team to be reckoned with. So most, to none of these transactions will ever occur. I’m a Utah Jazz fan, and come on Utah you need to start contending for a championship, not just the 8th playoff seed.






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