By Billy Perlmutter

The dead season: The NBA’s in its mid-season-lull-mode, the media is constantly reaching to make a nothing-story in the NFL into a 24-hour news cycle (sorry, ESPN, but round-the-clock “Jameis Winston’s 40 time coverage” is as ridiculous a debate as the conversation surrounding whether or not to get your kid vaccinated*), the biggest story in baseball right now is about a 39-year-old, one who is coming off two hip surgeries, a full-season suspension, and has not hit above .300 since 2008 (I’ll give you a hint, his name rhymes with Balex Shmodriguez), and, sorry Gillon, I don’t care about hockey until it’s May.

I’d watch the Cricket World Cup if someone would explain to me how the fuck cricket works; I’d watch the news if it didn’t bum the hell out of me; and I’d watch House of Cards if it had come out two weeks ago when it was  originally planned to. (I don’t count it’s six hour-accidental-appearance on Netflix as “coming out”.) Not to mention awards season just ended, so don’t expect any blockbusters to come out on the big screen any time soon.

So, we know where we can’t get entertainment this time of year, but where can we? How about right here.


P.O. box: this column, that is yet to be named.

I’ll be honest: I have no idea where I’m going with this. I plan on writing it on a somewhat weekly basis, but that could change . I plan on writing it mostly about sports, but that could change too. I might change my mind more on this column than Mitt Romney did prior to the 2012 Presidential Election. Heyo! …Wait, what? I’m three years late on that? Oh, okay. Moving on.

This could end up being a 2,000 word long rant on why I don’t like eggs (if it does, sorry), or this could end up being focused around politics  (if it does, even more sorry). **

But mostly, I want to write this column for three reasons.

1) I like to write

2) Because I like to write, I want to get better at it

3)I want to see myself get better over time

Thanks for reading, and let’s see where this goes.



*Get your kid vaccinated.

**Now that I read it back, I realize this column’s already become inadvertently political. We’ll stick with that: inadvertently political.

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