By Billy Perlmutter
1-5-2013 — Although Friday’s exhibition match between AC Milan, and tier-two team Pro Patria, started out like any other match, it became much more.
The visiting Pro Patria fans were making monkey noises at the black players on AC Milan throughout the match. Now, while inexcusable, this chant is not uncommon to see in Europe, mostly in Eastern Europe.
Then, in the 26th minute of the game, AC Milan player Kevin-Prince Boateng, who is black, had had just about enough. Boateng took the ball and kicked it into the stands at the opposing team’s fans, took of his jersey and walked off the field. His teammates then followed his lead and went straight off with him. Boateng and his teammates showed that there are much more important things than sports, and this chant should not be taken as some sort of joke to get players off their game.
AC Milan’s manager, and owner, backed up Boateng’s and his teammate’s following the early ending to the match. Milan Coach, Massimiliano Allegri, said of the incident that, “I hope this can be an important signal to be followed from the amateur championships up to Serie A.”
So far, Serie A board members, have stood behind the AC Milan’s actions, but now FIFA and UEFA must step up show their support because Kevin-Prince Boateng didn’t just make a statement today, he’s made an example for how the situation should be handled every time.

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