By Billy Perlmutter

The ink isn’t dry, but it appears that Wes Welker will be wearing a Denver Broncos jersey next season. After receiving a “laughably low” offer from the New England Patriots, Welker has decided to team up with another of the all-time greats, Peyton Manning, agreeing with the Broncos today, on a two-year deal.

That combinations sounds too good to be true if you’re a Bronco fan, and sounds like a living, breathing, two-headed monster if you’re a defensive coordinator in the NFL. With the Patriots, he averaged 112 receptions over the past six seasons, that’s the most of any receiver over that span of time. Also over that span of time, he averaged 1,243 yards per year, that being highest of any receiver in the league as well. His stats with Tom Brady and the Patriots are, in short, insane. But he should do even better in the Mile High City.

During his time in New England, Welker usually played the slot receiver position, meaning he usually ran routes across the middle of the field. Well, recently, there’s been the emergence of this guy named Gronkowski, ever heard of him? For the past three years Welker has had to share middle of the field with the best tight end in football, along with backup tight end Aaron Hernandez. Now that he’s in Denver, where there is no standout tight end or slot receiver, Welker will have the middle of the field all to himself, meaning more targets from one of the most accurate passers of all time. Will Welker now attract more double teams? Sure. But it’s not like he never was doubled, or covered by the other teams best corner while playing in New England. Welker is used to the pressure of having to be productive, it won’t be a shock to his system when he’s asked to put up big numbers in Denver.

Welker in Denver will be electric. He’ll be playing with one of the best quarterbacks of all time, and will certainly put up big numbers. Manning passed for 4,659 yards this past season, Welker had 1,354 receiving. Expect both of those numbers to go up this year.

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  1. DaPerl

    Do you think the Patriots want Welker back now that Hernandez has imploded?

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