By Eli Doroshow

Finally. It took some time, but the Lakers are actually winning. Following the major off season additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, everyone thought the Lakers would be a force to be reckoned with. These two big name superstars would be teaming up with even bigger named superstar Kobe Bryant. But things had not gone as planned, until now.

The Lakers started the season out on a downhill slide. During his second game of the season Steve Nash fractured a bone in his left leg. After a 1 and 4 start, Lakers head coach Mike Brown was fired. On November 12 former Suns and Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni was hired. Dwight Howard was unhappy as always, and did not care for the selection of D’Antoni as the new head coach or for Kobe’s attitude. Plus, Kobe Bryant was still trying to adapt to having to actually share the ball, and it was a train wreck. By January 23, the Lakers had a record of 17 wins and 25 losses, sitting very, very far out of the eighth, and final playoff seed in the West. But things have definitely changed.

In their last 25 games, the Lakers have gone 19 and 6. Over the course of this time span Dwight Howard is putting up generic Super Man, 20 and 10 numbers, Steve Nash is scoring 15 points a game, and is immensely contributing to the flow of this Lakers offense, and Kobe is simply being Bryant. The Lakers currently find themselves at a 34 and 31 record with the eighth spot in the Western Conference.

This LA team is playing like they are champions. They appear as the dominant force they were supposed to have been all along. The Lakers are on the rise, and teams should be afraid of what they are becoming. Who knows what is to come for the Lakers, but right now they are on fire.

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